It's time to expect more from
your windows blinds.
SOMA Smart Shades is the simplest way to
automate your existing blinds & shades.
You'll spend 90 days stuck in traffic
during your life. And 40 days
opening and closing your window
We can’t change the traffic but we can
automate your window shades
Easy to Install, Simple to Use

Easy to Install, Simple to Use

Smart Shades lets you automate your existing window shades, so you’ll never need to worry about moving them again.

It gives your existing window treatments new life, making it easy to save money on heating and cooling. Also saving you time by making your home smart.

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<font color="33cee5">Brand New! </font> SOMA Tilt for automating regular blinds

Brand New! SOMA Tilt for automating regular blinds

SOMA Tilt automates any type of blinds with control rod by replacing the rod.

What’s great is that you don’t need to unmount your old blinds or use any screws or wires.

Control your smart home with Alexa, HomeKit, Google Home

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One Solution For All Shades and Blinds

One Solution For All Shades and Blinds

SOMA Smart Shades is designed to fit your existing shades and curtains with continuous-cord.

Continuous-cord shades have one looped string or beaded chain that allows you to raise and lower the bottom of the shades.

Simply attach the device to your shades or blinds with beaded chain or string, download the mobile app, follow the instructions and you’re ready to go.

Supported types
Simple mobile app

Simple mobile app

Move your blinds to a desired position with a slide of your finger or create automated schedules for each room.

Endless possibilities for saving money on heating and cooling through smart automation.

Create groups or control every device separately to open and close shades for the maximum effect

Voice Control Support

Voice Control Support

Get started with your smart home.
Just install SOMA Connect and instantly control your shades with your voice. Control your smart home with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home

"The fastest response time I've seen in any voice controlled smart device. Good job SOMA. "
- Dave Wallace, Smart Home blogger

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Installation is easy

Installation is easy

1. Feed the chain to the gear
2. Attach it to the wall
3. Download the app and configure
4. Automate and control with smartphone or voice controls

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Try it Out Risk Free for 30 Days

Try it Out Risk Free for 30 Days

Simple 30-day return policy. Try It Risk-Free and if you don’t absolutely love it we'll give you a full refund

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  • Mobile app control

    Control multiple windows from one mobile app. Android & iOS supported

  • Schedule automation

    Set daily or weekly schedules to automate each room

  • Solar powered

    Smart Shades is solar powered with built-in lithium battery

  • Easy setup 1-2-3

    Easy to install and retrofits to your current shades

  • Cost effective and saves money

    Save money on your heating and cooling bills

  • Voice Commands

    Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home support

Amazon Alexa with Smart Shades

Amazon Alexa with Smart Shades

SOMA Connect + Smart Shades = Voice control all your window treatments

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Apple HomeKit with Smart Shades

Apple HomeKit with Smart Shades

SOMA Connect allows you to control your Smart Shades with Apple HomeKit. Let your windows treatments be part of the smart home experiencce HomeKit provides.

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SOMA Now Works with Google Home

SOMA Now Works with Google Home

You can now use Google Home to control your window shades.

Google Assistant support offers voice controls and endless automation possibilities with Google Routines.

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Buy Smart Home Starter Kit - 2x Smart Shades + 2x Free Solar Panels



Emergency Auto-Stop

Emergency Auto-Stop

Smart Shades motor will automatically stop if the chain catches, or if it detects additional abnormal weight or pressure. Perfectly safe with pets and kids.

Powered by the Sun

Powered by the Sun

Smart Shades is powered by a beautiful crystalline solar panel, so you won't have to worry about charging batteries.

Alternatively, you can always use the USB charger to recharge your Smart Shades directly from a wall outlet using the main adapter.

One charge is enough for approximately two months, or you can leave the adapter connected and never worry about charging again – whichever is more convenient for you.

Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities

Controlling your shades with just a slide on your smartphone is definitely a cool thing but this is just a start.

You can set different triggers, wake up to natural light, save energy on cooling and heating.

You can even automate your window shades when you're on holiday to make it look like you never left.

Smart Shades supports over the air updates so we make sure there's much more to come.

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Will Smart Shades be compatible with my existing blinds?

Yes, you can add Smart Shades to your existing window covers as long as they have a sidewinder chain – no need to get new blinds.

I cannot find the button to activate my Smart Shades?

Smart Shades has a touch sensitive front cover which functions as a button when pressed.

Can I use it with any type of chains?

SOMA Smart Shades supports a variety of endless loop beaded chains.

Is it possible to use any type, weight and size of shades?

Smart Shades supports all horizontal blinds. Supported weight is up to 5 kg, recommended shade size is 2m (7foot) wide and 2m (7foot) high.

How long does the battery charge when empty?

The full charge takes up to 10 hours and Smart Shades battery will last up to 25 days on a single charge, depending on the number of triggers and manipulations with the device.

Can I control the "Smart Shades" on multiple phones?

Yes, once the initial setup is done, all your family members can pair their phones with Smart Shades.

Can I return the product?

About returning Smart Shades: * Customer is able to return Smart Shades within 30 calendar days from the date of receiving the order. Customer needs to inform us of your intention to return the product(s). * Customer pays all return shipping charges. * Once we will receive your products, for any reason, quality control and refund will follow within 5 days (PayPal).

My question is not answered, where can I get support?

Please write to us on the support page.

Turn Your Regular Window Shades
Into Smart Shades

SOMA Smart Shades moves your shades whenever you want.  You can control it with voice controls or automate completely. It is designed to fit your existing shades and curtains.