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Control your blinds and shades with your favourite voice assistant or home automation platform

  • Apple HomeKit
    • Use voice commands
      • “Siri, set my blinds to 50%”
      • “Siri, open bedroom blinds”
    • Create Scenes
      • “Siri, it's time to sleep”
    • Create Automations
      • To open the blinds at sunrise
      • To close the blinds when you leave your home
  • Google Home / Google Assistant
    • Use voice commands
      • “Hey Google, set my blinds to 50%”
      • “Hey Google, close bedroom blinds”
    • Create routines
      • To close the shades when you say “Hey Google, it's time to sleep”
      • To open the shades automatically in the morning at 7am
  • Amazon Alexa
    • Use voice commands
      • “Alexa, open Bedroom”
      • “Alexa, close Bedroom”
      • “Alexa, set Bedroom to 50”
    • Create routines
      • To open the blinds at sunrise 
      • To close the shades when you say “Alexa, movie time!”
  • Samsung SmartThings
  • Home Assistant
  • Local HTTP API for DIY integrations

Connect the device to your local network using

  • Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet cable

Whats in the box:

  • SOMA Connect
  • EU power adapter and cable

Supports unlimited number of SOMA Smart Shades, SOMA Smart Shades 2 and SOMA Tilt devices. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews

The best. Perfect service realy great !!


Very Good


The setup takes a bit of time but everyone can do it! The silent morning routine works great! Only thing kinda missing is a button on the divice. So you don't have to start up the app to lower the curtain. ( I know you can add triggers but I don't go to sleep at the exact same time every day)


These little motors are great. They are pulling large roller shades with ease.
I would suggest 3 improvements:
1. Physical buttons on the unit to open and close.
2. Less noisy operation.
3. Storage for extra cable from the solar panel inside the enclosure for a neater install without a bunch of cable hanging around.

For the price, these are great. Responsive, has homekit compatibility (unofficial), can be paired via homekit to philips dimmer to operate. All in all fabulous.

Oh, and I first bought two of these, and after two weeks, bought another 6, inwas so impressed. All 8 installed easily and without a hitch.

Working great

Had them installed and set to be triggered by light rating. This works really well. On those cloudy bright days the blinds remain closed and when the sky clears they open. Exactly what we needed. And of course great to say ‘Hey Google, close/open blinds’.

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